Paperback: 240pp

Publisher: Eye (March 2005)

ISBN: 9781903070390

Seeking Sanctuary

Hilda Reilly


Journeys to Sudan

Seeking Sanctuary tells the stories of a group of Western Muslim converts who found liberation in Sudan.

They describe their spiritual and physcial journeys from one way of life to another, contrasting their fragile expectations with a sweet reality. They explain how they found happiness in a country caricatured as starving and angry. But most of all, they provide us with insights that challenge lazy prejudice about Islam, in a striking counterpoint to fears about fundamentalism, extremism and religious hostility.

Seeking Sanctuary delves deeper into the psychology of a country and its inhabitants than our current-affairs-driven media has ever allowed. It is a stunning collection of intimate portraits that dazzle, especially in contrast to the general religious and cultural nervousness. It is a wonderful series of stories about adversity, courage and life change.






‘An easy and enjoyable read which nevertheless encourages us to look from a different angle at modern western society. It also provides insight into a culture that is little known and largely misunderstood’

Emel Magazine

Seeking Sanctuary opens a window to a different world’

Mathaba News Network



Hilda Reilly

Hilda Reilly has spent most of her adult life abroad, working in Sudan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Vietnam, Malaysia, Zanzibar and France. As a journalist and travel writer, she engages with controversial situations and works on the principle that ‘an enemy is someone whose story hasn’t been heard’.

She started writing when she lived in Vietnam in the mid-1990s, with feature articles for a number of publications in South East Asia. She is particularly interested in the role played by religion in geopolitics and through her writing gives readers insight into countries and cultures which are little known and widely misunderstood.

Hilda has an MSc in Consciousness Studies for which she specialised in the neuroscience of religious experience. She also has an MA in Creative Writing and is the author of a biographical novel, Guises of Desire, which is based on the story of Bertha Pappenheim, the ‘founding patient’ of psychoanalysis.

She has now returned to her roots and lives in Perth, Scotland.