Published: Lightning Books (January 2021)

ISBN: 9781785632686

Banana Devil Cake

Susan A. King


A tale of tea, cake and riotous goings-on

From the author of Marrow Jam

‘A delicious recipe of crime, cake and comedy’ – Nicola May

With the murder of last year’s fête judge now but a hazy memory, the village of Elmesbury has retired to its former tranquil existence. That is, until a mysterious newcomer sets in motion a series of events that will see members of the W.I. crossing wooden spoons at dawn.

In the midst of preparing for her long-awaited engagement party, redoubtable village busybody Beattie Bramshaw not only finds herself embroiled in a one-woman campaign to save the elm tree from which the village gets its name, but having to contend with an outbreak of unrest within her beloved W.I. group. Rivalry to win favour with the judge of this year’s fête has fuelled dissent within the ranks and, when two members are found dead in mysterious circumstances, suspicions run rife.

Confident the devil is not only in the cake but in the detail, Beattie determines to uncover the clues that will ultimately lead to the killer’s conviction. But can she solve the mystery before another member of the W.I. is picked off?

Banana Devil Cake is a comedy crime caper in the spirit of Agatha Raisin and one that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Prepare yourself for a tale of tea, cake and riotous goings-on from the author of Marrow Jam.






‘I loved this book – a delicious recipe of crime, cake and comedy’

Nicola May

‘Hilarious and full of mystery. I was hanging on every word’

Tim Ewins


‘Quirky characters, plenty of humour, a solid mystery and a senior detective...it was love at first page. This is a humorous story but it’s also a well written mystery, full of twists and turns, that kept me guessing. Highly entertaining and engrossing’

Scrapping and Playing *****

‘Susan A. King has written another wonderful comic crime caper: a must-read to brighten up your days’


‘Cosy mystery fans are going to love Susan A. King’s witty, hilarious and gripping tale of bucolic hi-jinks and mayhem. Hilarious, enjoyable and compelling, it features a fantastic sleuth who gives Agatha Raisin a run for her money: Beattie Bramshaw. An absolute delight!’

Bookish Jottings

‘With all the attributes of a cosy crime story, and full of humour derived from larger-than-life characters and the petty jealousies that WI competitions seem to breed, Banana Devil Cake is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Perfect to pass a weekend with’

Books, Life and Everything

‘A fun comedic caper through the cut-throat world of village baking with a side of murder. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll love this’

Read All About It

‘I couldn’t put Marrow Jam down so I immediately jumped into this second book. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Beattie Bramshaw is so funny and unique. I already love a cosy mystery, but these are something more – they brighten up your day. I can’t wait for another fix’

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

‘An awesome read that I have been recommending to everyone who will listen to me. I’m giddy with excitement to find out that book 3 is in the pipeline’

School Librarian Loves Books *****

‘A hilariously funny and charming cosy mystery with standout characters’

Beyond the Books

‘Gripping and addictive. I read it in 2 sittings, only stopping because I had to sleep. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a “cosy” murder mystery’

Anna’s Book Blog *****

‘I fell in love with Marrow Jam, so I was excited by the second instalment in the series. I wasn’t disappointed. Just like the first, it’s clever and very funny. The author has created a great cast of characters that I hope she’ll continue to write about for a long time’

The Divine Write

‘As president of my fabulous WI, I love WI cosy mystery. I have visited lots of older, village WIs and recognise the camaraderie and competitiveness that are the basis for this fun mystery. This was the perfect read for a rainy Bank Holiday Monday’

Emma’s Things to Read

‘A light, amusing, cosy mystery, with an entertaining cast of characters and a delightful setting. This book will make you laugh and cheer. Jessica Fletcher would definitely approve’

Chez Maximka

‘Elmesbury reminds me of Lytham, where Coronation Street characters retire to. My mum could have been an extra in this light hearted crime romp. I’ll definitely be reading more of these books, I really enjoyed it.’

Louise’s Reading Corner

‘A light and easy read that definitely had me laughing and kept a smile on my face. I'm a huge fan of books set in tiny villages and I really loved seeing how the investigation panned out. I can’t wait to read more in this series’

Karen and Her Books

‘A funny crime adventure full of coffee mornings, bake-offs and a woman not to be messed with. Deliciously written, it leaves you starving and craving cake. A delight’

Mama Bear’s Book Hour

‘Engaging from the opening. Beattie is a fun and feisty character who bounces off the page. I can’t wait to read more from this series’

Ceri’s Lil Blog

‘This was the first book I’ve read by Susan A. King and it certainly won’t be the last. I couldn’t put it down’

Jolene’s Book Corner

‘A fun, slightly silly, cake-based cosy crime romp. Who knew the perfect sponge could cause so much trouble? Enjoyable and entertaining’

Rambling Mads

‘I love a good mystery story. It was suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. I just had to read to the very end to find out who the culprit was. Can’t wait to read more by this author’

Bookish Kelly



Susan A. King

Susan A. King lives with her husband in a quiet suburb in Hampshire. Between them they have four grown-up sons.

The inspiration for her Beattie Bramshaw novels comes from her long experience and observation of competitors at the local Romsey Show, where she regularly aspires to win Best in Show with her floral arrangements.