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Four glittering comic novels

The New York writer Elinor Lipman has been hailed as the Jane Austen of Manhattan. Her gossamer-light comedies of modern manners are just the thing if you’re looking for intelligent escapism. Her novels Rachel to the Rescue and On Turpentine Lane are in this great-value bundle.

In his deliciously daft comic caper Future Fish, young Irish debut novelist Conor Sneyd perfectly captures the powerlessness of low-rung office life as well as the seductive zealotry of our times.

A Right Royal Face-Off by Simon Edge is historical fiction with a difference: a comedy about the rivalry between Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds, wrapped in a modern satire on the world of reality television.






‘Delightful! I read it in one day—truly a peak reading experience. Every page was packed with wonders’

Maria Semple on On Turpentine Lane

‘It’s funny and light and sly and a bit wicked and heartwarming. I read it in a day’

Emma Southon on On Turpentine Lane

‘A deft and funny book. I really enjoyed the feisty heroine, her super warm boyfriend, the throwaway cookery, the satire and, as usual with Elinor Lipman’s characters, I can see it all so clearly on screen. Brava, sister!’

Maureen Lipman on Rachel to the Rescue

‘The Trump book that could only be published abroad’

Stacy Schiff on Rachel to the Rescue

‘What I thought was going to be a heartwarming small-town gay love story took off in a completely unexpected direction and carried me joyfully in its wake. Without doubt the pet-food conspiracy anarcho-thriller romcom of the year. With nuns!’

Adam Macqueen on Future Fish

‘Fast, funny and freaky. A book for everyone who ever hated their job. Soylent Green for the QAnon generation’

Luke Healy on Future Fish

‘I loved this book, a laugh-out-loud contemporary satire skewering today’s tired reality TV formats married with a tale of vicious rivalry in the world of 18th century royal portraiture. Simon Edge manages to pin asses ears onto the lot of them, to great comic effect’

Liz Trenow on A Right Royal Face-Off

‘I enjoyed this beguiling book very much. The interwoven strands between 1780s and the 2010s are beautifully managed and brilliantly resolved’

Hugh Belsey on A Right Royal Face-Off


‘Light and tight, On Turpentine Lane is constructed with an almost scary mastery. Not a single thread dangles, not a single character is left without a place. The story folds out and back in as neatly as an origami flower, and Faith recounts it all with a raised eyebrow and plenty of cheek’

New York Times on On Turpentine Lane

‘Elinor Lipman is the best writer you’ve never heard of – imagine if Elizabeth Strout wrote romantic comedies. On Turpentine Lane is whimsical but also gently savages the frailties of the human condition‘

Red magazine on On Turpentine Lane

‘An entertaining romp of a political satire… I’ve no doubt that readers hungry for heartwarming comedy and spicy DC gossip will find Elinor Lipman’s new novel absolutely delicious’

New York Times on Rachel to the Rescue


Boston Globe on Rachel to the Rescue

‘This endearingly daft and strangely compelling caper’

Saga Magazine on Future Fish

‘A delightfully chaotic romp that manages to be both amusingly absurd and yet instantly relatable – not an easy feat, but Sneyd pulls it off here with aplomb’

Bookshine and Readbows on Future Fish

‘The way in which the eighteenth century is rendered in this novel is witty, observant and joyously gossipy. The characterisations are sharp and Simon Edge has the painter’s eye for detail. It is paced beautifully and nothing is wasted’

NB magazine on A Right Royal Face-Off

‘The more of Simon Edge you read, the more you realise that every element of his stories is hand-selected and glued to the bigger picture – it’s whimsical, farce-like… scrapbooky, in the best possible way’

Buzz Magazine on A Right Royal Face-Off



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