Published: Lightning Books (December 2018)

ISBN: 9781785631030

Fishing for Tigers

Emily Maguire


‘An emotionally gripping and page-turning read’

Sydney Morning Herald

Six years ago, Mischa Reese left her abusive husband and suffocating life in California and reinvented herself in steamy, chaotic Hanoi. In Vietnam, she finds satisfying work and enjoys a life of relative luxury and personal freedom. Thirty-five and single, Mischa believes that romance and passion are for teenagers; a view with which her cynical, promiscuous expat friends agree.

But then a friend introduces Mischa to his visiting eighteen-year-old son. Cal is a strikingly attractive Vietnamese-Australian boy, but he’s resentful of his father, and of the nation which has stolen him away. His beauty and righteous idealism awaken something in Mischa and the two launch into an affair that threatens Mischa’s friendships and reputation and challenges her sense of herself as unselfish and good.

Set among the louche world of Hanoi’s expatriate community, Fishing for Tigers is about a woman struggling with the morality of finding peace in a war-haunted city, personal fulfilment in the midst of poverty and sexual joy with a vulnerable youth.






‘A fresh look at the seduction of elsewhere, and the random beauty of desire’

Susan Johnson


‘An emotionally gripping and page-turning read’

Sydney Morning Herald

‘An accomplished narrative voice, fascinating characters, and a developed cultural backdrop to a nuanced emotional and sexual drama’

Bookseller & Publisher

‘A sharply observed novel, both page-turning and thought-provoking. It vividly evokes the particular beauty of Hanoi, the intoxication of being a stranger, and the danger of desire’

Newtown Review of Books


Emily Maguire

Emily Maguire is the author of the novels Taming the Beast (2004), an international bestseller and finalist for the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Kathleen Mitchell Award, The Gospel According to Luke (2006), Smoke in the Room (2009) and Fishing for Tigers (2012).

She enjoys a high profile in Australia as a social commentator, with her articles and essays on sex, religion and culture appearing in a wide variety of publications.

She lives in Sydney with her husband.

Read more about Emily at emilymaguire.com.au.