Simon Fenton

Simon Fenton was a photographer, blogger and author.

After an early career in the morgues and pools of southern England, Simon lived, worked and travelled in Asia for several years, travelling independently through bush, mountain, desert and jungle. He financed himself by teaching English, acting in Bollywood movies and working as a pig farmer in Vietnam.

He returned to Britain to settle down, got married and set up the award-winning social enterprise StreetShine before a perfect storm of events re-ignited his wanderlust. He found himself in Senegal, where he set up home with his Senegalese partner Khady and their sons Gulliver and Alfie, running the guest house that he built.

Tragically he died in a road accident in West Africa in May 2017.

Read a tribute to him here and read more about his life in Senegal at thelittlebaobab.com.