Submissions Overview

Eye Books began life more than twenty years ago publishing books by people who had amazing stories to tell but were not necessarily writers. As the company has grown in stature and spawned the fiction imprint Lightning Books, we now publish some very experienced writers, including prize-winning novelists.

Many of those authors come to us via literary agents or have a polished manuscript ready to submit. However, that does not mean we have forgotten our roots, and we are still very keen to hear from first-time authors with a great story to tell, who may need guidance to get their account into manuscript form.

If that’s you, we hope the guidelines and attached documents on the Publishing With Us tab will be of use.

When you are ready to submit, send a synopsis and your first three chapters (for fiction) or a proposal and any sample chapters (non-fiction) to

Publishing with us

We work in close collaboration with our writers, and all our stakeholders are involved in the process. To achieve the best results we take the publishing journey with one another, sharing information and ideas that span the three areas of this journey:

  • Editorial – shaping, refining and finalising the story.
  • Production – organising the look, feel and content of the story.
  • Sales & Marketing – spreading the news of the writer/story and ultimately selling the book.

The process we follow – from agreeing to accept a manuscript through to publication itself – is detailed and exact. The writer’s involvement, passion, patience and commitment is key. To gain a better overview, please read the Publishing Process.

If you feel you have the sort of story that challenges convention and conveys thought-provoking experiences and if you can tell a tale with colour, verve, nerve and wit, then we might be in business together.

Before submitting a manuscript or a proposal, please look carefully at our Brief for Writers and the House Style Sheet.