Published: Eye Books (January 2020)

ISBN: 9781785631443

Tips from a Publisher

Scott Pack


An essential handbook for writers

From a handy introduction to how the publishing world works and how authors fit into it, to practical tips on writing your book and strategies for editing and re-writing, Tips from a Publisher is an indispensable guide for authors. Helping you create the perfect submission, it is crammed full of common-sense advice – and some trade secrets – that no aspiring writer should be without.

Scott Pack was head of buying for the Waterstones chain before spending several years as a publisher at HarperCollins, acquiring and editing numerous bestsellers and award-winning books. He is now a freelance editor and university lecturer, and hosts many writing workshops and classes.





‘Contains everything you need to know to get published’

Adam Kay

‘Shut up and listen to everything he has to say’

Caimh McDonnell

‘Demystifies the whole process of writing and publishing your book. I highly recommend it’

Sam Missingham

’One of the best in the game‘

Ian Critchley

‘Part instruction manual, part sat nav, part friendly arm around the shoulder, this is the book every aspiring writer needs to own’

John Mitchinson, co-founder, Unbound

‘A book-shaped boot camp for emerging writers...essential reading’

Judith Heneghan, director, Winchester Writers’ Festival

‘Scott knows the publishing industry inside out. Whenever I work with him I know my authors are in good hands’

Charlotte Seymour, literary agent

‘His short cuts on how to win are invaluable’

David Roche, former chief executive, Borders UK & Ireland


‘A guide to writing, editing, submitting and publishing – as the book’s subtitle says – from an industry perspective. A friendly, useful, realistic, up-to-date and detailed guide to what to expect from and with agents and publishers (as well as with non-traditional ways into publication), and how to approach them professionally. A great addition to any shelf of writery books. Recommended’

255 Book Review

‘Quite different from any other writing guide I’ve ever come across’

Antonia Honeywell, Booktime Brunch


Scott Pack talks about his long career in the books industry – first in bookselling, then publishing, at houses large and small – in the podcast What Editors Want.

And here he is talking to Rachel Read It about the pressures and benefits of working in independent publishing.

And here’s another podcast in which Scott talks in detail about the content of Tips from a Publisher to Mark Stay of The Bestseller Experiment.


Scott Pack

Scott Pack is editor-at-large at Eye and Lightning Books. He was formerly head buyer at Waterstones and a senior editor at Harper Collins. He also has an editorial role at Unbound and runs successful Guardian masterclasses for writers.

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